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    Steal these Living Room Layout Tricks from the Pros

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Buying great furniture is only the first step to creating an impressive home décor. Once you get your new acquisitions home, you have to find the perfect arrangement to really make them come to life. Use the following layout ideas to get inspiration for your own living room design:

    Start with the Couch

    The couch is often the largest piece of furniture in your living room, which means you want to find a space for it before any other piece. Most designers say that you should position the sofa so that it faces the entrance of the room and creates a welcoming feeling. Wherever you decide to put it, you should be sure that there is still plenty of room for traffic to flow.

    Design Around a Focal Point

    Just because the couch is the largest piece of furniture in the space does not mean that it has to serve as the focal point for the room, though. You might want to find a unique table or a stunning piece of artwork to serve as your focal point. Design around this visual marker to create an interesting aesthetic element for your space.

    Use Accessories to Tie the Room Together

    A great area rug or set of throw pillows can create a connective thread between the decorative elements in your room. Use an area rug underneath your furniture to bring some unity to the different pieces. Finish off the room with throw pillows that use some of the colors or patterns from the rug at eye level.

    With the amazing furniture selection at Home Consignment Center’s Sacramento-area stores, you can find all of the pieces you need to create your ideal living room design. We have convenient locations in Roseville and Folsom to give you access to the best furniture finds in the city. Call (916) 302-4390 today to learn more.

    How to Furnish Your Dining Room

    Last updated 20 days ago

    Before you furnish your dining room, you have to decide if you want it to be a casual or a formal space. If you are planning for a casual dining room, you should choose a furniture set that is durable enough to stand up to your daily needs.

    Chandeliers are great additions to any dining room setting. If you choose a round, square, or oval table, you should complete the look with a round chandelier. If you have a rectangular table, though, opt for hanging pendants or a long, linear chandelier. Learn more tips in this video.

    When you are ready to overhaul your current dining room design, come to one of Home Consignment Center’s Sacramento locations to find great furniture that fits in your budget. From dining sets to living room accessories, we have everything you need to make your house a home. Call (916) 302-4390 to learn more.

    Choosing Bedroom Colors

    Last updated 1 month ago

    When choosing a color scheme for a bedroom, you want to think about all of your furniture and accessories. If you already have colors in the room, you should base your decision off of that. If you are starting over, though, you have more freedom to choose.

    Remember to choose soothing colors that help you feel calm in the bedroom. Light blue, green, and even grey are great hues with which to decorate this space. Check out this video to learn more about colors in the bedroom.

    Home Consignment Center has everything you need to create a beautiful décor in your Sacramento home. From bedroom furniture to accessories, we give you a truly great selection. Call (916) 302-4390 to learn more about our consignment furniture services in the Roseville and Folsom areas. 

    What Makes Furniture or Jewelry "Vintage?"

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Vintage pieces are well-renown as valuable additions to interior designs and personal jewelry collections. Who determines whether or not a piece is vintage? Keep reading to learn how to tell vintage furniture or jewelry from modern pieces:

    Vintage pieces are not quite antiques, but they do already have a bit of a history. Vintage furniture and jewelry is less than 100 years old. These pieces have been around long enough to have plenty of personality that can add to your home décor or your jewelry box. Vintage finds add a unique aesthetic appeal that cannot be matched with modern pieces.

    Come to Home Consignment Center to find some of the best vintage pieces in the Sacramento area. Our consignment furniture services give you the selection you need to choose furniture and jewelry that really meet your needs. For more information on our products and services, visit us online or call (916) 302-4390.

    Tips for Buying Bar Stools

    Last updated 1 month ago

    When it comes to purchasing bar stools for your kitchen, game room, or living room bar, the most important factors to consider are height, color, and style. It's important to ensure that the bar stools are short enough to provide plenty of legroom as you sit under the bar top; however, they should also be tall enough for you and your guests to comfortably sit on without having to reach for the counter. Determine the ideal height for your bar stools by measuring the bar height and subtracting 10 to 12 inches for leg allowance.

    Once you've established the proper height for your bar stools and chosen a style and color palette, head into your local Roseville or Folsom consignment store to find a model that fits your preferences. Be sure to also consider small features such as arm rests and height adjustability as these extras can change both the look and function of the bar top. To find out how you can find designer bar stools for a great price, come speak to the consignment furniture experts at the Home Consignment Center or call (916) 302-4390. 

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