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The Home Consignment Center is a one stop shop for all of your consignment furniture and jewelry needs! We have convenient locations in Roseville, Folsom, and beyond.

Why Choose Home Consignment Center to Sell Your Jewelry

Home Consignment Center brings you a quick and easy way to sell your used jewelry near Sacramento. If you are looking to sell some of your unwanted pieces, keep reading to find out why you should do it through us. Consignment Jewelry in Roseville

We take all kinds of fine jewelry, including gold, platinum, diamonds, precious stones, and luxury watches. Every location has its own resident jeweler who can appraise and price your item to make the sale process as simple as possible. This helps you feel confident that you can sell your pieces quickly and get the best value for your jewelry.

Come to Home Consignment Center to sell unwanted jewelry and furniture. With locations in Sacramento, Roseville, and Folsom, it is now more convenient than ever to take advantage of our consignment services. For more information on the process and how we can help you sell your jewelry, visit us online or call (916) 297-6294.

How to Prepare Your Furniture for Consignment

If you are planning to bring your furniture to the consignment store in Sacramento to sell it, you should make sure it is in the best condition. Use the following tips to prepare your furniture so you can find a buyer as soon as possible:

Clean It Up
Before you bring your pieces to the consignment store, spend some time examining them closely. Look for stains, dents, chips, and other marks that might make the furniture less desirable to a potential buyer. If there are small issues that you can fix before you try to sell it, you should fix them so you can get the most value for your used furniture.

Polish Wood Furniture Consignment Furniture Shop in Sacramento
You can make your wood furniture look even better with a little bit of polish. Use a clean cloth and some wood polish to get the furniture looking its best. You should also make sure all legs, arms, and spindles are tightly in place. Tighten all of the knobs on doors and drawers so they work the way they should.

Repaint the Furniture
If you have some painted furniture that has seen better days, you might want to take the time to repaint it before you bring it to the consignment store. A new coat of paint can cover of imperfections and help the furniture gain new life and aesthetic appeals that makes it much more attractive to potential buyers. If you can make the furniture look its best before you bring it to the consignment store, you will have a much better chance of selling it quickly.

At Home Consignment Center, we give you the chance to consign furniture in our busy stores so you can easily find a buyer for your unwanted pieces. With locations in Roseville and Folsom, we make it convenient to find a location where you can consign your furniture. To learn more about our services and our locations, visit us online or call (916) 297-6299.

How to Select a Vintage Engagement Ring

When you are shopping for an engagement ring, you should check out some consignment jewelry in Sacramento. These stores have a great selection of antique rings at budget-friendly prices.

Before you buy an antique ring, you should examine it to try to determine the wearability of it. Make sure the prongs are secure and the bottom part is thick enough so your soon-to-be fiancé can wear the ring for a long time. Check out this video to learn more about shopping for an antique ring.

Come to Home Consignment Center to find some of the best antique rings in the Sacramento area. We only sell quality products so you can always find what you want. To learn more about our selection of consignment jewelry, visit us online or call (916) 297-6299.

Tips for Cleaning Your Pool Table

Shopping for used furniture at the consignment store in Sacramento is a great way to find unique pieces for your home. If you scored a pool table on one of your trips to your favorite consignment store, use the following tips to keep it clean and in top condition:

Stock Up on the Right Supplies
If you want to thoroughly clean your pool table, you must have the right tools with which to do it. You can find a pool table brush, or a broom, at local sporting goods stores. This tool makes it easy to brush off the surface of the table to get rid of basic dirt and dust. You should also get special felt cleaner that you can use to conquer tough stains.

Brush the Table Consignment Furniture in Sacramento
Use the broom once every few weeks to clean off the table. Move the broom around the rails using short and quick strokes that will not damage the felt. When you clean the actual table, you should start in the middle and use the same short strokes as you move toward the outside of the table.

Vacuum the Table
If you have a handheld vacuum, you can use it to really clean the felt and ensure that the table looks its best. Vacuuming helps you get the hard-to-reach dirt that might decrease the aesthetic appeal of your table and could interrupt your next game.

Work on Stains
Once the table is clean, you can take a clean cloth and some felt cleaner and try to work on any stains that you see. Follow the directions on the bottle closely so you can use the cleaner as effectively as possible.

Whether you are in the market for a new pool table or new bedroom furniture, Home Consignment Center can help. We always have a great selection of new and gently used pieces that can enhance your home. To learn more about our products or our consignment services, visit us online or call (916) 297-6299.

Build Your Unique Look with Home Consignment Center

Consignment Store in RosevilleYou are a unique person and you should have your own unique home décor. Keep reading to find out how the consignment store in Sacramento can help you find the furniture and accessories that you need to create a beautiful décor:

The consignment store gets new items each day so you have the selection you need to start building your unique décor. Even the new items are priced as used so you can get more for your money. Instead of shopping in a chain store that has all the same furniture, shopping in the consignment store gives you the chance to find completely unique pieces for your own home décor.

Come to Home Consignment Center today to start updating your décor with our amazing selection of furniture and accessories. When you shop with us, you can find amazing pieces at unbeatable prices. To learn more about our products or our consignment services, visit us online or call (916) 297-6294.

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