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The Home Consignment Center is a one stop shop for all of your consignment furniture and jewelry needs! We have convenient locations in Roseville, Folsom, and beyond.

Creating Your Home Design Budget

Whether you are decorating a new home or planning a complete design renovation in your existing space, you should think about your budget beforehand so that you do not miss out on any details in your design. After you determine how much you have to spend, you might consider optimizing your budget by consigning old furniture so that you have some room to splurge. If your budget is still tight, you should consider the areas where you are willing to compromise so that you do not go over your budget. For example, you might invest more in your sofa than you do in your dining room furniture, since you are likely to use it much more often.

With the Home Consignment Center, you can create a beautiful new home design on any budget, shopping for unique consigned pieces and making some extra cash on your unwanted furniture. You can reach us online or at (916) 302-4390 to connect with the Sacramento area store closest to you.

New Home Décor Ideas for the New Year!

In the New Year, you might want to see a new design scheme in your house, and the design trends of 2015 can let you have fun with your eclectic home décor. You don’t have to ditch all of your existing furniture to achieve a new look at home, since you can make big changes with these simple ideas for transforming any space. 

Beautiful Living room

Embrace modern color trends
Big colors for the year are bold choices like Greek blue, 1960s orange, olive green, and pastel tones. If you don’t want to commit to new paint on the walls, you can incorporate new color with throw pillows, candle holders, and other small details that will pull the room together. For a more muted but modern shade to use for your walls, a dusty mint or rich aubergine will be on-trend without overwhelming the eyes.

Think retro with new furniture pieces
1960s design with bright colors, unique lines, and mod appeal is re-emerging in 2015, but you do not have to go over-the-top incorporating retro pieces. Just one refurbished chair or a throwback ottoman can draw the eye in a living space, adding new intrigue to your existing pieces.

Upgrade your home accessories
Home accessories can make a big impact on your home décor without the investment of all-new furniture. Metallic decorations of copper and gold are big for the New Year, and these may bring some flash to an otherwise muted room. Solid geometric designs are popular in textiles, so you might consider these patterns if you upgrade your curtains or couch throws.

At Home Consignment Center with locations throughout the Sacramento area, you can completely redesign your home and stay on budget. You can begin to explore our unique offerings on our website, or call us at (916) 302-4390 to find the location closest to you.

2015 Home Color Trends

When it comes to colors for interior décor, it is easy to overdo it and add too many colors to a space. Still, you may want to incorporate more color into your design scheme to add more character to your home.

This video offers a look at some finished rooms using the color trends of 2015 so that you can get inspired for your new décor. You can see how to work with dark tones, light pastels, and bright colors in balance with one another.

For the furniture and home accessories you need to pull your space together, visit the Home Consignment Center at one of our Sacramento-area stores. You can find us online or call us at (916) 302-4390 to learn about the benefits of buying and selling furniture through consignment.

Tips for Selecting Your Throw Pillows

Soft Pillow in a Livingroom

Throw pillows are an element of your home décor that you might change often, since you can play with hot seasonal colors and new textures without making a significant investment. As you pick out new throw pillows, try choosing a few different styles and colors to mix-and-match so that you create a look that is all your own. You will want to match the style to your existing décor, but you can draw out new elements of color or style by changing just a few details in addition to your throw pillows. For example, new picture frames and drapes paired with new throw pillows can liven up old furniture and give any room a transformed appearance. Comfort is another factor to consider, since you may want to cozy up to your new throw pillows when you lounge on the couch.

If it is time for you to update your home accessories, you can find the right look with Home Consignment Center at our locations in Folsom and Roseville. Call us at (916) 302-4390 or visit our website to learn about our constantly-changing inventory and selection.

Preparing Your Guest Room for Company

When you have guests staying at your home, you may need to do some dusting and cleaning to make the guest room more comfortable. This video offers some tips on special touches that can transform the guest room into a welcome retreat. You should provide plenty of storage so that guests can unpack and get comfortable. Offering some mints and bottled water can enhance the resort-style experience. Other details like scented candles and tissues will create ultimate comfort for the space.

For the last-minute accessories that you need to pull your guest room together or furniture for a complete guest room makeover, check out Home Consignment Center. You can find one of our convenient Sacramento-area stores on our website or by calling us at (916) 302-4390.

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